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Market research
Products testing
Reputation audit
Our approach

Solutions for business development should be data and market research-based.

To offer data-based solutions for business development, we perform varied marketing surveys: market and competitors research, the brand research, the customers' behaviour research, the clients' satisfaction, the attraction surveys and other.

Market research
Products testing
Reputation audit

The service includes: brainstorming sessions, research on clients' needs, research on communication content, testing (at customer's home, at trading venues etc.).


The service includes: the brand perception research, competitors and market research, clients' satisfaction research, effectiveness of services research.


The service includes: clients loyalty research, the market research, market share determination and competitors research, brand audit, the attitude and values research, brainstorming sessions, barriers analysis, rebranding strategies, the new entrepreneurship potential research.

Our belief

Market research and marketing surveys provide the answers on clients needs

The focus on the clients' needs generates satisfied and loyal clients. The best solutions for the clients mean the direct benefits for the company development. How to find the right solutions for the business development? The best path - performing marketing surveys.

  • Motivation and the real action also at the company’s top management level. If the company’s manager has not been truly excited about this concept – the focusing on the client’s needs; the most likely its implementation shall not be possible. Any strategic changes are connected with the common strategic vision and the investments. And – they should be data and marketing surveys based.
  • Development of the clients’ feedbacks and experience analysis system. This is the part of the market research which would enable to react in a timely manner and to implement the necessary changes at the right moment, by improving the internal processes and by strengthening the competitiveness.
  • The clients’ priorities are an excellent roadmap towards the new service standards, clear tasks towards products development which shall ensure the business development, the profit. If during the business decision taking processes the clients priorities and needs shall always be considered, it shall give a preferred result – the increased number of satisfied and loyal clients. To identify the clients’ priorities, marketing surveys should be conducted.
  • Changes in the corporate culture. They aim as well to change the clients experience. In-house measures shall operate on both directions – the clients service quality as well as the employees’ involvement in the company’s development shall improve. Employees are the resource, already today being at company’s disposal. The employees are the eyes, the ears and the noseof the company. The employees are the ones being the closest to the end-customer, his needs, the clients’ mindset and behavioral structures. By engaging the various levels of employees, it is possible to obtain:
    • the information on the market spotlights, trends and “unsatisfied”clients’ needs;
    • the ideas for new products;
    • more powerful employees’ motivation and self-assessment.
    • To breathe life into our own initiated ideas is, after all, much more enjoyable and exciting!

Our strength

Ilze Rozenberga
Manager of Marketing surveys agency
Jeļena Vorobjova
Manager's Assistant of Marketing surveys agency
Ieva Saukuma
Researcher, Chief Data Analyst
Anna Šveisberga
Assistant of Researcher (Chief Data Analyst)
Berg Research
Marketing surveys agency

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